Published On November 12, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

Avantone Pro teams up with mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge to birth a new studio reference amplifier. The CLA-200 amp is a full-range system built the old school way. With Chris Lord-Alge’s signature boldly blazoned across the front panel, particular care was taken to create an amplifier in the traditional studio style, with generous VU meters, high-quality Japanese components, and a toroidal transformer linear power supply. Housed in a standard 2U rack-mount chassis, the convection-cooled amplifier can generate over 200W per channel into an 8Ω load.

The specs on the new amp include a quoted 20Hz-20kHz ±0.5dB frequency response; 200W at 8Ω, 300W at 4Ω, or 500W bridged into 8Ω output power. Connections include XLR input and link sockets and Speakon outputs.

Commenting on the amp, Chris Lord-Alge says, “I have mixed 20,000 songs on my classic studio monitors and they have become my companions and part of what I do! Every good pair of monitors needs a powerhouse of an amplifier to give you clear results. So now, thanks to Avantone Pro and the ears of CLA, we’re making available for the first time the return of a classically-designed amplifier for your studio.”

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