Published On March 31, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

celemony capstan

Capstan, Celemony’s software solution for the removal of wow and flutter, has received an update to Version 1.2 that now lets it operate in higher resolution.

With the free update, Capstan offers an optional High-Resolution Mode that increases the resolution of the audio analysis fourfold, meaning flutter frequencies up to 14 Hz to be eliminated, while of course further increasing the accuracy of the processing.

Capstan is based on Celemony’s patented DNA Direct Note Access technology that enables detection of wow and flutter from the music itself – regardless of the medium (magnetic tape, vinyl, etc). The software is used by classic labels and mastering and restoration studios, broadcasters and archivists, making its mark through the rescuing of valuable historical recordings.

Capstan can be used for only US $199 for five days, while a permanent license costs US $4,458.

More info:
Celemony: www.celemony.com
Australian Distributor: www.elfa.com.au

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