Published On June 23, 2015 | News


To meet the ever-increasing desire for greater efficiency and faster throughput, Cedar Audio has released the Cambridge Series IV, which comprises two new versions of its Cedar Cambridge hardware. An 8-core system with 16GB of RAM provides all the power of the previous Series III models, while an expanded 16-core version with 32GB of RAM will be even better suited to batch processing large bodies of audio, as well as for use in forensic laboratories that use extended chains of processor-intensive adaptive filters. Both versions will support multiple instances and multiple users more efficiently than before and, depending upon the number of processing paths and the number of processes running in each, this can lead to significant increases in productivity.

The expanded Cedar Cambridge Series IV will (with additional video cards) support up to six DVI monitors, which makes it even easier to set up, view and control multiple instances of Cedar Cambridge on the same host hardware, with all of their signal analysis, processing paths, metadata, and report generation windows comfortably laid out and visible simultaneously.

As it happens the first Cambridge Series IV has just been  shipped for installation at the Australian National Film & Sound Archive in Canberra. Something we’re keeping eye on – more soon.

More info: www.cedaraudio.com

Australian Distribution – CDA Pro Audio: (02) 9330 1750 or www.cda-proaudio.com

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