Published On September 20, 2016 | News, Production

output substance bass engine

Output has released a new bass virtual instrument called Substance with a completely redesigned engine that combines heavily processed electric and acoustic basses with full live brass sections, polysynths, analogue synths, and sound design. Not surprising for Output, the goal of Substance is not accurate reproduction of existing bass tones but to push the envelope of bass itself — sound design for LF, if you will. It’s a potato masher for eclectic bass tones to create the most mangled, dirty and subby patches you’ve ever heard.

Substance works by taking three layers of sound sources and blending them with effects, filters and modulation to create a whole new patch. Along with the tone creation section comes an arpeggiator, flux control, and over 300 presets to get you going. Each preset has four central macro sliders for tweaking, and you get complete control of the effects section.

Output went out with a suitably dramatic intro video for Substance. You can watch it here.

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