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It can be hard to nail the right snare sound, and there’s no shame in using a sampled alternative when it’s just not cracking like it should. Adding to the plethora of sampled options already out there, FXpansion has released BFD Metal Snares, a collection of metal-shell snare drum samples to use with BFD3. Looks like being acquired by ROLI hasn’t kept them from staying busy.

Each snare was recorded with two top mics, one bottom mic, and one side mic. Mono room, ribbon room, and far room ambience channels were also recorded. If that’s not enough, two more stereo reverb channels were added if you want to go all ’80s. The five snare drums that went under the mics were sampled with wires on and off.

“We wanted to capture an array of excellent snares made from various metals like brass, bronze, steel, and aluminium that are full of character and offer huge sound. The end result is a collection of snares that punch and crack with clarity, cut through a mix, and are instantly usable.”

BFD Metals Snares requires a copy of BFD3 to run, and goes for US$70.

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