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Nothing like having a good monitor controller to take charge of all your outputs. Unfortunately it’s a luxury most don’t bother with because most cost as much as a small set of monitors themselves. Behringer’s put out the Xenyx Control2USB monitoring hub that might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t sell it short because the word ‘Behringer’ is on the front — this thing doesn’t leave much lacking. You can hook up three sets of active studio monitors, two headphone ports are at the front, you can add/remove a subwoofer, and do a bunch more with the press of a button. A chunky central VCA volume knob gives control over the selected output, above which are located the usual Mute, Mono and Dim options.

In addition, four stereo inputs let you connect external devices — keyboards, CD/MP3 players, turntables — plus its USB interface means you can get audio in and out of your computer easily as well. To top it all off, there’s a talkback mic on the front with level control and a footswitch port to keep your hands on the console (or mouse).

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