Published On January 29, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

Avid releases Pro Tools 2018 with numerous new MIDI editing enhancements and retrospective MIDI recording. The updated DAW also gives you the ability to save your favourite effects chains and instruments sounds as track presets for a faster creative workflow.

Retrospective MIDI Recording lets you get ideas out of your head and captured into Pro Tools without needing to worry about being in record mode.

With Track Presets you can now recall your favourite track settings so you can build sessions on the fly without wasting time setting up sessions in a painstaking way.

Enhanced Playlist Comping lets you comp together the best takes while saving screen real estate in Waveform view.

An updated GUI gives you an at-a-glance view of your mix with new colour indicators and Mix window EQ Curves that display combined EQ effects on each track.

Avid: www.avid.com
Australian Distributor: www.innovativemusic.com.au

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