Published On April 19, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

Audient ASP8024HE_rs

Audient introduces a Heritage Edition of its flagship ASP8024 console that builds on the existing features of the desk but has a brand new look and many added enhancements under the hood.

Based on David Dearden’s classic design, the ASP8024HE has a new variable mix bus technology called Retro Iron, that’s supposed to add punch and vibe to the console’s mix output by utilising an all-discrete output amplifier with Carnhill transformers. When engaged, the Retro Iron output card also provides subtle Low Bump and High Lift Mix EQs that can be switched individually allowing for more spacious mix bus tones. The main mix bus has also been upgraded with John Hardy Co. 990C discrete amplifiers.

New make-up gain circuitry has been installed into the classic VCA mix bus compressor, including a gain reduction meter and a high pass filter in the compressor’s sidechain.

And in response to customer feedback, the ASP8024HE also adds a headphone amplifier, latching foot switch triggers for remote hands-free talkback, ALPS Blue Velvet main monitor pot, and an improved, quieter power supply.

Technical Director, Tom Waterman, says “Much more than just a facelift, the re-imagining of the ASP8024-HE ensures that this console, which has been first choice for studios and educational facilities for the past 18 years, maintains its status as a ‘modern classic’ and cements David Dearden’s heritage alongside his timeless design.”

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