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If you own an Audient product, be it an iD4 or Heritage console, you’ll be pleased with the company’s latest creation: ARC. It’s an online hub for new and existing Audient customers that entitles you to a pile of free creative software for recording, mixing, mastering, and even education. The company teamed up with innovators like Eventide, Steinberg, LANDR, and Producertech to make it happen.

“The concept behind ARC is not only to add value for our customers, but also to provide high-end software products that producers or musicians of any ability can benefit from on a creative level,” says marketing manager Andy Allen. “As soon as you have registered your product, you can access ARC and download any — or all — of these amazing offers,” he adds.

As part of the package, Audient offers two free Eventide plugins: UltraChannel and UltraReverb (worth £350). Between them, these plugins can provide EQ, compression, delay, gates, reverb and more — all the tools you need at the click of a mouse.

Also available are Steinberg’s Cubase LE and Cubasis LE2 (for iOS). In addition, LANDR is offering eight free 16-bit WAVs and two free 24-bit WAV master credits at no cost to Audient users, while the two courses give unique insights into compression and vocal production, as well as a £20 voucher to put towards further courses.

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