Published On May 6, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

empirical labs arousor plug-in screenshot

20 years ago, Empirical Labs release its first compressor that made a definitive mark on the industry — the Distressor. And since those early days, the company has received persistent requests for a plug-in version for those working in the box. Enter the Arousor — the first ever compressor plug-in from Empirical Labs, designed to bring that classic knee compression to your DAW.

Empirical Labs says the toughest part in the development of the plug was minimising common digital artefacts — something that was made even more challenging due to the non-linear characteristics of the plug.

To list a few of Arousor’s cool features, it’s got a controllable broadband saturator, AtMod attack modification control, high-pass and low-pass sidechain EQ, Blend control to mix the compressed/dry signals, and 20 presets to get you started.

The company plans to add more features, processing and interface changes as time goes on. Get in on the special Initial Offering deal to be given these updates for free until 2020. Arousor is available in all major plug-in formats.

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