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Once upon a time, the only company Apogee was drafting any alliances with was Apple. Perhaps because it saw itself in the mirror; makers of sexy, top-shelf hardware. Brushed aluminium exteriors with a minimum of external fuss, and identical power buttons — a match designed in California.

But then the Mac Pro showed its dark side, and Apogee followed suit with a new blacked out look that came with fresh alliances. First Avid, now Waves. It means you now have two options to think about when buying an Apogee interface. You can either opt for a Pro Tools-branded Apogee Duet or Quartet and receive a full copy of Pro Tools software as well as one Tier Two and one Tier Three plug-in gratis.

Or if you buy a straight-up Apogee interface from an authorised dealer, you’ll receive a bundle of Waves plug-ins with it. You get the Waves Silver bundle (16 plug-ins, $600 value) when you purchase an Apogee Duet, or the Waves Gold bundle (35 plug-ins, $800 value) if you go for a Quartet or Ensemble. Either way, that’s a number of compelling reasons for choosing Apogee, besides the impeccable conversion.

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