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apogee element series thunderbolt

Apogee has chosen a fitting celebration method on its 30th birthday — the release of a new line-up of Thunderbolt audio I/O boxes for Mac called the Element Series. The three models in the family — Element 24 (10 in, 12 out), Element 46 (12 in, 14 out), and Element 88 (16 in, 16 out) — feature varying I/O counts of both digital and analogue connectivity. Conversion quality is on par with the Ensemble Thunderbolt recording interfaces.

The new Elements Control software lets you set up workflows specific to your needs, and is also available on iOS App for control over wi-fi. If you’re a Logic Pro X user, Element’s I/O settings can be tweaked right from the Logic Channel strips. And if you’re the desktop control type, the optional Apogee Control hardware gives you eight assignable buttons and a master control knob in a form factor similar to the Duet.

Betty Bennett, Apogee co-founder and CEO: “The streamlined physical hardware takes a very direct approach, allowing us to maximise the components that are most important to sound quality. In addition, the Element Control ecosystem takes the audio interface user experience a step forward while giving customers more options. We feel the Element Series is transformative and we know our customers will be amazed by the quality and delighted with the value.”

Element 24: $959 (available Nov 2016)
Element 46: $1499 (available Oct 2016)
Element 88: $2399 (available Oct 2016)

More info:
Apogee: www.apogeedigital.com
Australian Distributor: www.sounddistribution.com.au

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