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API has come out with a new large-format recording and mixing console, the Legacy AXS, which made its debut at AES. You can get the console with anything from 32 channels right up to 80, with each offering dual inputs and access to two API 200 Series module slots. True to form, each channel strip features an all-analogue signal path. The console’s centre section is comprehensive, featuring six automated stereo echo returns with motorised faders, monitoring for 5.1 surround setups, and a built-in 2500C stereo bus compressor, along with onboard or remote patch bays.

Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn, NY, was the first to place an order for the AXS console as part of an upgrade, with the studio’s Marc Alan Goodman saying, “We made a list of everything we could ever want in a console and the API AXS checked off every box!”

api tranzformer series

And in a move that’s a little more out of character, API released its new Tranzformer series, designed to bring the signature API sound to your guitar or bass signal chain.

GT Guitar Pedal and LX Bass Pedal form the series for now, both of which give you have gain control, API 525 feedback-type compression, and a three-band EQ in the one box that looks like a stompbox on steroids. There’s a phase invert switch on each output, ground lift, clip indicator, and transformer output.

More info:
API: www.apiaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.studioconnections.com.au

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