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akg microlite lc81 md

Smaller is better, according to AKG by Harman, which is introducing the MicroLite series of miniature, wearable reference microphones. Ideal for broadcast, theatre and conference applications, the series includes lavalier, ear-hook and headworn options that provide comfort and flexibility, as well as moisture resistance and superior EMC protection.

The LC81 MD is a cardioid lavalier microphone with a diameter of 4.8mm, length of 10mm and weighing 2g. Available in four colours, the L8C1 MD is designed to be inconspicuous on every user. The LC82 MD is even smaller than the LC81, and has an omnidirectional capsule, making it ideal for musicals, thetre, churches, broadcast and large-format presentations.

The EC81 MD and EC82 MD ear-hook microphones are engineered for accurate, specific placement. Each microphone offers a flexible ear-hook and adjustable boom length for guaranteed comfort, while users can choose between a cardioid (EC81 MD) or omnidirectional (EC82 MD) model. The EC82 MD also features a highly moisture-resistant design. Both microphones are available in two colours.

akg microlite ec82 md

The HC81 MD and HC82 MC are omni-directional headworn microphones deliver unparalleled sound in both cardioid and omni-directional formats, respectively. Featuring flexible ear-hooks and an adjustable boom, they both make it incredibly easy for wearers to customize the fit to their liking. Each microphone is available in two colours, and the HC82 MC features a moisture-resistant design.

akg microlite hc81 md

All MicroLite microphones feature a cable with a Microdot connector, which is compatible with a variety of different connections, as well as all major manufacturers of wireless microphone systems. A variety of accessories are also available with the MicroLite series, including wire-mesh protection caps, foam windscreens, phantom power adapters, lavalier clips, and perspiration and makeup protectors.

More info:
AKG: www.akg.com/pro
Australian Distributor: Hills SVL 1800 685 487

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