Published On April 6, 2016 | Live Sound, News

akg c7

AKG has debuted its new C7 reference vocal condenser microphone at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt. The mic is designed for good feedback rejection, minimal handling noise and plosives, and rugged durability.

The C7 boasts an all-new supercardioid capsule that’s supposed to handle extremely high SPL and provide “studio-quality sound on stage.”

AKG has put a new level of effort into tackling handling noise on the C7. The mic features a ‘a mechano-pneumatic’ shock absorption system with a rubber layer surrounding the capsule to keep housing vibrations from being transferred to the capsule. Apparently the company searched high and low for the right rubber to meet the spec, and finally found a patented material with such strong absorptive properties that it lands completely flat when dropped.

Pop noises are tamed with the mic’s grill, a foam layer behind it, and a layer of mesh atop the capsule.

More info:
AKG: www.akg.com
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au

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