Published On February 7, 2017 | News, Production


Pad bashers and beat makers rejoice — standalone MPCs are now back on the menu. The new MPC Live and MPC X are dual purpose units, functioning as both a high-powered control surface for MPC Software 2.0 as well as the most powerful standalone MPCs ever released. The MPC Live is 100% standalone, sporting a mains-powered rechargeable battery; which gives you five hours playable charge and quick recharge ability. Both MPCs feature multi-touch hi-res screens and ultra-responsive pads with RGB backlighting. MPC X, the new flagship, boasts a massive 10.1-inch (257mm) adjustable screen, 16 x capacitive Q-Link rotaries with OLED display strips and a wealth of control parameters. Both feature Denon-built phono preamps.

MPC Live is $1499 and expected to arrive late March 2017. MPC X is $2499 and expected to follow in May 2017.

Akai: www.akaipro.com
Australian Distributor: www.elfa.com.au

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