Published On September 2, 2015 | News, Recording/Mixing

accusonus era-d_rs

We’ve all been there. You have to part with that perfect recording or a musician’s moment of true inspiration, all because it was contaminated by unwelcome noise and reverb. Accusonus have released ERA-D, a plugin with a simple and straightforward user interface that manages noise and reverb problems quickly and effectively. The patented technology in the software analyses information from multiple microphones when more than one microphone is available, and explores the multichannel information to better suppress reverb and/or noise. While there are a number of tools on the market that sound professionals use to deal with noise and reverberation, most require that you deal with these separately, in turn complicating the workflow and making it more time-consuming. ERA-D differs in that it simultaneously removes both noise and reverberation in the one plugin, and is coupled with an un-cluttered GUI. Set to be a must-have tool for studio mixers and post-production engineers alike, check out the free 14-day trial available online and try it out for yourself.

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