Published On November 4, 2015 | News, Production, Recording/Mixing

ableton push 2

The new-and-improved Push 2 from Ableton has arrived. Slightly thinner and lighter than Push 1, it is an expressive instrument that functions as a hands-on controller for Ableton Live — made to be at home both performing on stage or creating in the studio. The 64 (8×8) RGB backlit soft silicone pads allow you to sequence beats, slice loops, play notes and chords, manipulate samples, and perform a bunch of other functions. The endless encoders are touch-sensitive and high-resolution. Push 2 has a 17cm touch strip for pitch bend and scrolling, and there are 31 LEDs for navigation. The bright, multicolour display adapts dynamically to show you what you need.

Trading in your Push 1 means you could get almost 30% off Push 2. Push 2 is compatible with the latest Ableton Live 9.5.

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