Published On July 21, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing


Chandler Limited’s TG Microphone Cassette adds to the design of the TG2 mic pre with a TG1 limiter and curve bender EQ section. The unit takes its inspiration from the EMI/Abbey Road Studio TG12345 consoles of the late ’60s and ’70s.

TG Microphone Cassette is designed to combine that vintage, historic sound with modern conveniences, like the TG1 opto limiter. The three sections are comprised of the TG2 preamplifier coupled with a curve bender EQ section with treble, bass, and presence controls, and an independently patchable TG1 opto limiter. With 70dB gain, the preamp will play nice with your low-output mics. There’s a DI input as well, plus six selectable HPF frequencies. Other controls include phantom power and a phase switch.

The TG Microphone Cassette goes for $4967.

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