Published On October 18, 2017 | News, Recording/Mixing

Users asked, Presonus delivered. A 16-channel version of FaderPort will hit the streets late November, offering twice the number of touch-sensitive motorised faders as the FaderPort 8. Eight more LCD scribble strips come part of the package too, along with individual Select, Mute and Solo buttons. Annoyingly there’s still only one Pan/Parameter knob in the upper left hand corner, so it means one extra button push (Select) before you can pan a track in your session.

The rest of Fadeport 16’s surface remains largely the same as FaderPort 8. Transport and DAW controls are sprawled over the right hand side with a jog/selector wheel and automation controls. Tight integration with Presonus’s Studio One DAW is FaderPort’s key calling card and if you’re a dedicated user of the software, FaderPort 16 is worth serious consideration.

Check out AudioTechnology’s review of the FaderPort 8 here.

Presonus: www.presonus.com
Australian Distributor: www.linkaudio.com.au

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